since 1992 art addiction online gallery is the first ever and the oldest art site on the world wide web. rather then present a single global art event based exhibition, art addiction online art gallery is an ongoing multi-concept contemporary art contests and long-term online art exposure.

art addiction online art gallery for almost 26 years with a continuous calendar of contemporary art contests and exhibitions takes a different approach to the online global art exposure bringing together thousands of contemporary and emerging artists worldwide.

art addiction is the largest online art gallery of contemporary art with nine online art annual exhibitions one-year on view and one media art biennial two-years on display.

from inception art addiction curate more than 54 exhibitions and exposed over 6,000 artists. art addiction has more than 10,000 contemporary art work available for sale & rent.

in 2017 art addiction online gallery was visited by 7,859,570 people. art addiction gallery offers exceptional access and exposure to over 1950 selected artists every  year.

ongoing online exhibitions to apply and submit works