Per Siwmark  [ SWEDEN ]

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Lives and Works in Bjärredl, Sweden


Your facial expression is a reflection of your inner being: It is a wonderful dream journey. A journey where the destination is unknown. Likely it will be somewhere in the Roman ancient history or mythology. I always start creating my works with an open mind and giving voice to my soul and inner being. I am trying to channel light and vital energy. Not caged and confined by the limits of form and design. Even the final touch of colors is unnatural, indicating that sometimes this is not a depiction from life but rather the report of a dream or hallucination. In an attempt to summarize my art I would say; Ancient influences meet modern design.

1.AENEID V – ADDIO, 2011 STONEW./METAL 22x25x36 cm.
US$ 3,900

2.CALIGULA II, 2011 STONEW. /METAL 20x22x36 cm.
US$ 3,900

3.SPLASH-THE AMERICAN WAY, 2012 Pigment Print 60x50 cm.
US$ 900

4.UNKNOWN OBJECTS #3, 2012 Pigment Print 60x50 cm.
US$ 900