medial 4. art biennial [2018]



1.Accablé, 2017 digital art 94x120 cm., US$ 1,500.00      2.Divine creation, 2014 digital art 96x119 cm., US$ 1,500.00      3.Douce attente, 2014 digital art 98x120 cm., US$ 1,500.00      4.La peur, 2017 digital art 76x64 cm., US$ 1,500.00      5.Le secret, 2014 digital art 80x62 cm., US$ 1,500.00      6.Litige, 2012 digital art 90x75 cm., US$ 1,500.00   7.L'oreille du Poete, 2012 digital art 100x84,8 cm., US$ 1,500.00    8.Nausées, 2013 digital art 100x60,5 cm., US$ 1,500.00      9.Poluée, 2014 digital art 110x69,3 cm., US$ 1,500.00       10.Timide, 2017 digital art 98x119 cm., US$ 1,500.00      11.Tristesse,2014 digital art 73 x 80 cm., US$ 1,500.00      12.Un allegorie de l'artiste, 2014 digital art 98x98 cm., US$ 1,500.00
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Yasmina Barbet was born in France in 1973. After her secondary school, between 1995 and 1998 she attended a photography course at the IED in Rome. In 1998 she moved to Paris, where she worked on photographic projects, followed by drawing courses, art history and image processing techniques. In 2002, she returned to Rome, she worked at commissioned work, and completed her own photo archive, which she will presented in 2008 on her personal site. In 2009 she started collaborating with the French Wostok Press agency following the news in Italy (Vatican, Venice Film Festival, Rome Film Festival ...). In parallel, she publishes books and articles on commissions such as the "Senegal Natangué" catalog of an exhibition exhibited at the Italian Senate. She cultivated a study on his own technique and expression of the image, exhibited in 2017 at the Biennale of Peschiera del Garda, the Biennale of Rome, the Biennale of Florence, where she won the bronze “Lawrence the magnificent".

Introduction on this research:

“Our emotions are not ours” James Hillman
The emotions we feel are often lived in a personal way, they are intimate…and yet emotions belong to everyone, we share them; they belong to our deepest human nature. That is the subject Yasmina Barbet wants to explore, with introspection, trying to bring her own and of other people’s emotions back from the depth of the unconscious, with their several shades. In order to express these emotions Yasmina Barbet combines into the images three main elements, which are melted together to give sense to each of them:
• The color as emotive vibration. As Kandinsky said: “The Contemplation of a color causes a soul’s emotion”.
• The body: which through its movement and its own language express emotions.
• The space: the emotive space, expressed by the relation between the body dimensions and the space occupied in the artwork. The technique employed for these artworks is an image’s processing based on analogue and digital photography.


Spring Soul-Stice
Inspired by Alfred Stieglitz's declaration, "For that is the power of the camera, seize the familiar and give it new meaning," Italian artist Yasmina Barbet's digital photography reflects a unique personal vision that offers a fresh and exciting visual perspective to our world. The eye of her camera captures people and objects, allowing the viewer to get a sense of the energy surrounding them, becoming a part of the scene as they are drawn into the kinetic energy of the snap-shot. Exploring the medium of digital art zealously, Ms. Barbet searches for the beauty in reality, translating that beauty into her own language of color and form.

By creating a mood through powerful light and ingenious color, Ms. Barbet taps into a vital energy by allowing emotional power to filter through her camera. By transcribing colors, shapes and rhythms, Yasmina Barbet encapsulates divergent visions through a dazzling visual syntax. A gorgeous spontaneity reverberates in her oeuvre, as each picture creates a narrative in and, of itself that is open for interpretation. Ultimately, each image in an experience unto itself, allowing the audience to step through the doorway of the picture and enter the world of Ms. Barbet. “Images are a true language, where form demands a constant training to refine its expression, where our rational sense cannot be detached from our inner self, from our personal path,” says Ms. Barbet of her inspiration.

Galvanized by the people and faces of her native Italy, Ms. Barbet’s digital techniques involve assembling fragmented, disproportionate images of faces, patterns, and textures both from her imagination and daily encounters. Creating provocative visual stories, these unique arrangements force viewers to consider even the most familiar objects and photographic portraits in a completely new and spontaneous way. Exploring the dichotomy between reality and perception, Ms. Barbet explains that “When we use images allegorically to express a thought, a concept, an observation, or a state of mind, the elements of the real then assume a symbolic connotation. Sometimes these two aspects meet…”

By sharing her vision with us, Yasmina Barbet provides the opportunity to share in her wonderment at the ways of the world. Charged with life and energy, each one of her digital compositions is provocative and mysterious amalgamation of life. Brilliant and inspired, Ms. Barbet’s digital photography encourages the viewer to connect into the world. Cultivating her own technique and expression of the human condition and our visual perceptions, Ms. Barbet’s photographs are gems of the digital genre and have catapulted her to national and international recognition. (Ruthie Tucker, executive director-curator of Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York 2018).

Yasmina Barbet
MBE Via Roma, 54
00042 Anzio (RM)
Tel: 0039 3389397418