Art Addiction Gallery is pleased to announce MAB3 the Media 3. Art Biennial Of Contemporary Art, which will bring artists around the world and their works together on the first ever and the oldest art site on the world wide web.

The competition is open to all artists and is judged solely by visuals submitted online or attachment. All accepted works that pass the screening will entry into competition (awards nominated) and be exhibited two-years beginning with the date of the inclusion.

/ The screening
The screening is conducted by submitting Jpeg [.JPG] image files versions of the submitted works inline or attachment send to info@artaddiction.net. Applicants will be notified by e-mail immediately after reception.
Submitters whose entries pass the screening are included in MAB3 competition.

/ Materials to be received
Minimum 4 works and maximum 8 works submitted inline or attachment
send along with the works details: title, year, medium, size, and price.

Submit the exhibition 4 - 8 image files /JPGs /72 dpi /800-1000 pix .

/ Entry fee
Euro 50 / $70 US for two-years on display beginning with the date of the inclusion

/ peyment
By Pay Pal: click-on USD PayPal or Euro PayPal.
WU and direct transfer in account also available.

/ Awards
-- Grand Prize: One Artist will be awarded two-pages in Art Addiction 100 Contemporary Artists collective art books series edited by WOA publishing. Award value US$4,490.00.
-- Prize of Excellence: Two Artists will be awarded one-page in in Art Addiction 100 Contemporary Artists collective art books series edited by WOA publishing. Award value $2,250.00 /each.
-- Mention: 50 selected artists will be awarded for Diploma of Excellence (Honorable Award)

/ Exhibition Period
Two-years beginning with the date of the inclusion.

/ Deadline
Submit today. Selected inclusions are in progress.
Search inside www.artaddiction.net/medial_biennial3/media3front.htm

/ E-mail to
Submit your works to info@artaddiction.net

* Entries without a fully completed entry form will not be accepted. If you are not able to fill the PDF application form you can submit a letter that includes: 1. name, 2.country, 3.number of the works submitted, 4.the works details: title, year, technique, size and price, 5.the method of entry fee payment.

* We send out a monthly digital file of the artists in our displays to over 220,000 international collectors, galleries, consultants, museums, advisers, critics, curators, dealers and other visual arts professionals.

* Each participant artist is permanently archived on Art Addiction Online Gallery website (artaddiction.net) creating a valuable research resource of contemporary artists and art for collectors, museums, dealers, art fairs, galleries and cultural institutions, among other the new Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museums in New York, Las Vegas, Bilbao, Berlin and Venice, MoMA in New York, the Getty in Los Angeles, ART BASEL, TATE in London and others galleries and museums around the world.

* Art Addiction Online Gallery is not responsible for the selling or shipping of the artist's works, all financial transactions are strictly between the customer and the artist. If art buyers are interested in purchasing any artwork featured on Art Addiction, they need to contact the gallery via e-mail

/ GALLERY History
In August 1991 Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the first website.
In June 1992 art addiction launched the first ever online art gallery 
Art Addiction is the first ever and the oldest art site on the web.
Art Addiction curate 54 int'l exhibitions and exposed over 6,000 artists.