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     The entry form is available online here

Who can apply?

The inclusion is open to all artists.

All entries are approved on entry fee payment provided online as the 3rd step of the application.


How to apply?

  Step 1:  Have the image files of the works ready on your computer hard drive.

  Step 2:  Download the Entry Form. Enter and e-mail your information and the works details.

  Step 3:  Make your payment by PayPal, by Direct Transfer and by Western Union.
  Step 4: Forward the visuals of the works as online or attachment.

How many pieces of artwork can I exhibit?

You can provide up to 8 works submitted online as attachment send online.


How long can I exhibit my art?

A minimum of two- years beginning with the date of the inclusion.

What is the images size?
Submit low resolution JPG image files 72 dpi / 800 - 1000 pixels with the works title, year, medium, size and price.

How much does it cost? 

The entry fee is 50 Euro / 65 USD, up to 8 works two-years on display beginning with the date of the inclusion.

How to provide the Entry Fee payment?

The payment methods are by PayPal, WU and Direct Transfer in account.

  For payment by PaiPal click-on http://www.artaddiction.net/webpages/contact.htm

  For payment by direct transfer on account ask for bank details.

  For payment by Western Union ask for address details.


What happens to my application?

The gallery decision is provided via e-mail to each submitter. When a submission is accepted the artist will receive a link of the inclusion. As a participant you will receive a personified Certificate of Participation.


Can I get the entry fee refunded?
If your submission
is not accepted the entry fee  will be entirely refunded.


What happens when my artwork is purchased?

The Gallery is not responsible for the selling or shipping of the artist's works. All financial transactions are forwarded to artists and are strictly between the customer and the artist. Art Addiction takes a 0% commission.


Which artistic techniques are accepted?
You can provide painting, drawing, ink, sculpture, graphic, encaustic, aqua tint, aqua forte, dry point, mezzotint, fresco, glaze, pastel, impasto, watercolor, tempera, offset, installation footage, photography, video, film, animation, sound, web, digital, ceramic, tapestry, illustration, book, mixed media, architecture, design, collage, airbrush, graffiti, spray, body painting, time-based media and many more.


The Awards!
Grand Prize: One artist will be awarded two-page in "ART UNLIMITED Contemporary Artists" value $4,490
Prize of Excellence: Two artists will be awarded one-page in ART UNLIMITED value $2,250
Diploma of Excellence (Honorable Award): 100 Artists.


How awards are determined?

By the art professionals, by artists and art lovers. Art Addiction staff will tabulate the number of votes and qualifications of eligible nominees to determine finalists. The list of finalists will be posted online on the site.

Pro-art people and art lovers may vote for their choice of winner from that date through close of the BIENNIAL.


To keep in mind!

It is important to notice that the images of the works of your contribution ought to be of a quality that is sufficiently high so art lovers and collectors will not to have any doubts about the quality of the work and the professionalism of the artist.


Submission Period
2012 entries are open! All submissions should be made by e-mail to: biennial@artaddiction.net


Reproduction in Print Catalog /Art Book (optional)

A museum quality professional art publication to advertise and promote the sale of art.


How much the reproduction in caalogue it cost?

  1/4 page: one 1/4 reproduction is US$ 259 /EUR 199

  1/2 page: one large 1/2 page reproduction or two 1/4 reproductions for US$ 379 /EUR 299

  1/1 full-page: one large 1/1 full page reproduction or  two 1/2 reproductions or four 1/4 reproductions for US$ 759 /EUR 599


What is the image size and the information to be received?

300 dpi JPG high resolution image files 2400 pixels

The work title, year, media and size

Your place of residence and the website

100 - 300 words, statement, essay or writing


When you choose reproduction we will send you a confirmation letter including a layout for your approval.

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